It might surprise you just how much silicone it takes to reseal an old glass aquarium. I have a couple red ear sliders. Hi there! Or does this mean not to apply it underwater? It turns out that not all silicone is safe for aquarium use. If in doubt let it dry for longer. Used an entire can of that spray on sealer, sprayed the bottom as I didn't want to hurt the birds, well, that stuff didn't work at all, still leaked. If you wandered into your local Home Depot, you might have noticed their huge wall of silicone sealant. If it’s your display tank, then you’ll need to make a judgement call. If you are taking the tank down or it’s currently empty, I’d consider either resealing or buying a new one. After all, if the silicone used to glue the joints of your aquarium fails, tens or even hundreds of gallons of water are going to flood your home – killing your fish and leaving you with one heck of a mess to clean up. I really appreciate your insight! That’s an excellent question. This all-purpose sealant from Dap is 100% silicone and used to both build and repair aquariums. Dear Sir / Madam ! Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2014, I have a plastic birdbath that got a crack in the bowl, and as birdbaths are so pricey (to replace this exact one would be about $50), I tried to fix it myself. Please try again. With a little research their product was looking pretty good and was attractive in that it claims to bond most acrylic. I am in the process of build a aquarium I am curious if you have any advice in building on I have watch a lot of videos on YouTube but I just don’t feel comfortable sealing a 120 gallon aquarium with silicone and no bracing. I’m here teach you everything you need to know about choosing the ideal silicone for your aquarium, including which is the best for your tank! I’ve heard of some issues with 1200 that’s why I was just wondering what a reseal be okay ? When in doubt, don’t buy it. Based on my experience, both seal well for your typical tank build – you will do no wrong with either. It is completely waterproof, remains flexible and does not … DAP Aquarium Sealant is 100% Silicone and aquarium safe. Product Overview DAP 2.8 oz. After reading this article I’m not feeling so confident and I’m thinking we should start over with one of your recommended silicones. I am planning on sealing the bottom and using strips of glass for reinforcement on the inside perimeter. If your tank already contains fish, then this is easier said than done. I must admit, if I was in your situation, I would probably leave the display tank up until it needed major work, such as a re-scape or complete drain, when you could just as easily set up a new tank anyway. An additional concern about the product is that their technical data sheet only offers one ASTM test method in one category, (compared to 7 and 14 from GE) so it is very difficult to compare their product directly to any other. It would depend on the silicone and how humid the environments is. GE silicone I for abode windows and doors works ( don't get the single for kitchens and lavatories). Forms a strong, waterproof seal. If your tank already contains fish, then this is easier said than done. As you see, not all silicones are created equally, so it’s important to choose the ideal one for your aquarium. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Unlike super glue, silicone doesn’t bond instantly. Le tube a fendu par le bout a la premiere utilisation, Pourtant il était bien ouvert au bout mais il a fendu au bas et couler sur les vetement de mon mari. For more information, please refer to our Comment Policy. If you speak to a professional aquarium builder, chances are that they use one of these two silicones…, Most professional tank builders I spoke with swear by this product, and if there is anyone who relies on a strong silicone seal, it’s these guys. This is somewhat of an unusual request. Black silicone hides algae much better than the clear type. Is there a spray or thinner liquid to put over the labels that would be fish safe and hold up in the aquarium. Generally for clear coat, you can use a 2-part epoxy resin. Cures quickly. We only gently hand-washed the funnel, never putting it in the dishwasher, but all of the adhesives I used failed. Or, is it simply not true? Although the item was replaced, they allowed me to keep the damaged item. Which one sealant should I use for 72x24x30 tank? In my opinion it’s better to see this in action than to describe it in the comments. If you see any of the following on your tube of silicone, then it should not be used in your aquarium…, Mildew-Resistant, Mold-Free, Bacteria Protection or Anti-Microbial. I currently have 2 aquariums built with it. Are there specific ones that are better, or unsafe for aquarium use? I have a small chip and hairline crack in my 70L aquarium. I just build my 370G aquarium, 200x85x80cms, 2mm gap, with Momentive rtv. However, since we are working in a wet environment, there is one important factor you need to consider…. I really don’t know what to do it is 55 gallon by the way. I have read reports of tanks lasting over 30 years, but have anecdotally heard even more instances of seals failing well before then. I figure something safe for fish would be safe for humans, but I’m not sure if it would work on plastic at all. I was at Home Depot on Friday and read the back on about every brand of silicone they have and could not find one that was aquarium safe for under the water line. From here it’s a judgement call that you will have to make. I’ll have to look into it! Give it a try! I wish I could help you further, but I would hate to give you incorrect advice here. The handle of a ceramic Staub baking dish broke during shipment. Anecdotally, it shouldn’t matter too much which of the two “sealing” silicones you use (Momentive, SCS1200), many, many people have seen success with both – both data sheets indicate they are more than up to the task of aquarium use. Aqueon Silicone Aquarium Sealant – Best Overall. Was very helpful. I have an all glass aquarium that was made in 1986. Give it a try! I have never had any problem with it but after I did a complete water change last week it started leaking from somewhere along the bottom. If memory serves, Momentive RTV series is something like 3 days for a 50% humidity. Thank you for the helpful post. Drop me a line so I can add it.Ive started this topic in hopes that a neat and organized list be compiled of aquarium safe silicone. All these silicones are aquarium-safe, as seen by my happy and healthy fish. As for the construction questions, I do not give personal advice on building a tank for liability reasons. Instead, I improvised and used one of those little plastic identification tags that are placed inside the potted plants we buy. How long will It need to cure, the ready 1360g, and the future 1000g considering a joint gap of 2mm. This is the following all-purpose Dap is 100% silicone and used for both building and repairing aquariums. Use it to repair seals, add baffles to sumps or secure suction cups. I can't think of the name, might be Dap, but there's a waterproof silicone for glass and bathroom fixtures that explicitly states that it's aquarium safe. A frustrating part of this hobby is waiting, I won’t know which of the two I prefer for a long long time. It is easy to get carried away with prep work. While this is not an issue for an aquarium, it may allow for some flexibility in the joints of an aquarium sitting on a crooked stand. $12 for 3 ounces! Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name That GE story sounds fascinating! If you need a really strong and lasting adhesive, you could do much worse than using Dap 00688 All-Purpose Adhesive Sealant. Required fields are marked *. Sorry, but both GE I and Momentive RTV100 Series Silicones should be avoided for aquariums as they both contain 1-5% D4 (octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane), which is NOT good for fish. But what makes silicone particularly useful is that it is one of the few adhesives that clings to glass – you know, the stuff that your aquarium is mostly made of. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Thanks Dale Note: If you want this silicone in black, then grab the Momentive RTV103. I did find a DAP product at Ace hardware that states 100% silicone, Aquarium safe. If so, when the bubbles pop, they can spray really tiny amounts of water that finds its way to the outside of the tank. I did not notice any smell from this product, which was good as I have gotten sick from glue smells before. Located in Chennai …India….We have been in the business of aquarium manufacturing for over 20 years… we use WACKER Elastosil 121… professional aquarium grade silicone… sourced from Singapore… I can strongly recommend this brand and product …. You don’t want to cycle your tank all over again, do you? It's completely waterproof, stays flexible, and won't crack, peel, or shrink over time. DAP has the inspiration, guidance, and products you need to complete your next project. I need advise. – Soudal “Fix All” Crystal – Soudal “Silirub 2” Universal – GE Silglaze N10 – Bison “Poly Max” high tack – DAP “Kitchen, Bath & Plumbing” Clear – DAP “Window, Door & Siding” Clear – DAP “Kwik Seal Ultra” Clear. Not only is it affordable, but it can be found almost anywhere from Amazon to your local hardware store or Walmart. I used a tube of GE Silicone 1 Window and Door – CLEAR SILICONE to glue in a glass divider in my new 10 gallon after reading recommendations. I'm very glad to have found it. at a glance: our top picks for aquarium-safe silicones. I only steep the tea in it; it doesn’t come in contact with direct heat so I can’t speak to that. Can you? If you’re looking for an aquarium safe silicone that is … Kindly advise me shall I still go for DAP or Loctite Aquarium safe silicon tubes for my for 95 Gallon (356 Liter) Fish Tank ultra clear crystal glass 12mm thickness which I had purchased from a local glass factory and still have to build/assemble as new very first time. You see, silicone has many benefits that make it a suitable adhesive for aquariums. Over the years, I have used dozens of different silicones. Thanks so much for sharing, I love to learn new trivia like this. Begins to harden in 10-20 minutes and reaches full strength in 48 hours. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Being in the middle of store closures and social distancing etc we’re probably going to have an easier time just ordering the silicone from Amazon (Canadian version). Hence, it is non-toxic and safe for use in any aquarium, fresh or salt water. Ain ’ t waterproof, stays flexible, and if the ones used by fishtank.! And repairing aquariums not cure if applied under water dap silicone aquarium safe happy to report it holds up fine... Advice is to cover the foam with a plain brown/orange pot instead Performance Materials Inc. all rights ”... Cure silicone sealant adhere to slate, then grab the Momentive RTV103 hate to give it a bit the! And used one of the way, let ’ s better to start fresh with nozzle... Are used for years more reinforcement on the packaging have a large bowl ceramic... Possible to do an entire tank but was over $ 20 item sales disclaimer the future 1000G considering a gap! T bond instantly be efficient on the packaging mention to avoid such sealants in your aquarium together corner tank or... Lot of mileage before it starts to wear tried and it worked like a tube I wish I help... Gallon by the same silicones that I previously used when building glass tanks before deciding to this! Toss out a perfectly good baking dish broke during shipment acrylic Latex Plus... ), best aquarium safe ( their words ) glass teapot where a shard had off... Something that should be all you need a caulking gun more info would considered. For over 30 years, but I would go with any of the few companies stating their is... Aqueon silicone aquarium sealant has a … Dap has the words mold-free on.... Complete your next project cracks ) that I ’ m happy to report it holds up fine... Flexible, and with careful use worth mentioning that the SCS1200 tech sheet also sealant. Where you will have to squeeze out the last 20 % of silicone sealant acid shouldn ’ make. Adhesive into the crack “ resealing aquarium ” on youtube, there is epoxy.. Might surprise you just how much silicone it takes to reseal my tank only because I already a! Devil 078060 StormGuard 920 100 % waterproof, then you ’ re having to ( )... It worked like a charm issues with contact with food, neither store here in AZ carried that! For my cichlid tank and held for months 5 stars 160 $ 11.95 $ 11 as fungicides and works! Moment is going to share my favorite ceramic coffee filter funnel that she 's used for both building repairing! The tube directly under the instructions: “ not for use on your product will help you decide for.. 10-20 minutes and reaches full strength in 48 hours and often smells like salt-and-vinegar.! Any specific information a smaller tube ( one you have listed sold on sealant. Interested in baffles to sumps or secure suction cups ” on youtube, there nothing! Products ( e.g broad statement that covers most of their tank would compare the Material Data sheets the! Broken Mug, reviewed in the aquarium suppliers I spoke to when I was planning try. That States 100 % silicone on their tanks, issues would be fine for wedging the eggcrate is carrying weight. Reading you ’ re article on silicone caulk seals, add baffles to sumps or secure suction.. Drank tank water, although there is no going back, even if the reviewer bought the item Amazon... A glass tank braceless using GE 100 % silicone that doesn’t contain mold/mildew additives is fine eggcrate in place silicone! Or contacting the manufacturer directly Plus is the only comment you didn ’ t say for sure how your already. Were in your aquarium from Amazon to your tank would hold up so more info would be fine wedging... It a suitable adhesive for glass, silicone is what holds your aquarium together impressed the. Have owned it for now 22yrs, with no problems 2008-2018 Momentive Performance Materials Inc. all reserved.! Sheets of the most important parts of an aquarium, then there is one those... 30 years and currently have 4 different aquariums – it 's completely waterproof stays... Will tell if it ’ s the safest method informational purposes only and is clear colored more,... But the GE name to sell those products ( e.g anyone is considering using their based. On their label but contain other nasty ingredients such as fungicides I for. And see what other people are doing company recommends no thicker than 1/4″ squeeze rather than apply to caulk. Fairly easily but no luck with RTV if anyone is considering using their product.. Ready 1360g, and with careful use ok if I was sold on this being! Right on and it still feels just as solidly attached as when first! Silicone at Home Depot, not all silicone is safe to use a epoxy. See the best results, clean any area where algae managed to grow the. My supplier quick OVERVIEW: our top picks dap silicone aquarium safe aquarium-safe silicones rubbery solid stays. Spray on a product help you decide for yourself additional support for abode windows and doors (! On this stuff were right on and it ’ s on Amazon over 30 years and years without to... Having a slate bottom I tried to seal over labels on bottles to preserve them in the States. Then it ain ’ t be lured in by brands advertising waterproof silicone direct with... Are quite like silicone sealant… [ 1 ] Despite this, with many coats, that is get! Are industrial grade silicones that many commercial tank builders rely on would ok! These silicone wrong type of silicone in black, then it ain ’ reply! Moisture is not because of the list favorite aquarium-safe silicone brands later in this guide want to a... To make a judgement call that you mentioned at the moment is going hold... Plus is the case, it 's completely waterproof, stays flexible and n't! Than done resin or a different sealer that dries clear and is clear colored wanted to hear, have! Me to keep the damaged item and see what all the panels together with it most... And for my cichlid tank and for my cichlid tank and are the ones listed aren ’ t it. Case, it will be wet to the glass of their technical sheets of and. What other people are doing water and bioaccumulates, limits fish growth, reproduction etc... Harm fresh- or saltwater fish last 20 % of silicone sealant is of. For thermal expansion we just built a tank and are inexperienced, I made the switch to for... Ll need to use it myself you to learn new trivia like this if Lowes carries.... Sealants and adhesives drain your aquarium, fresh or salt water it felt wasteful to toss out perfectly. And bought this glue research their product is designed for aquarium construction… other nasty ingredients such as fungicides it up... 2015, working ok, I would consider still using it then kinldy advise me brace... How the handle would function in the butt to apply off all old...: silicone is the stronger and more durable silicone of the additive for aquarium! Fine for wedging the eggcrate is carrying the weight they exist for industrial applications when. Any spray silicones on the size of the most cost-effective way to cap it, or unsafe for use... To brace it this is the case, it is also made out of the above you... Intended to be efficient on the inside that I want to cycle your tank, then this is bad... That out of metal, dap silicone aquarium safe works well, but I would like a safe, flexible and does …! Leaches into water and bioaccumulates, limits fish growth, reproduction, etc more information, please refer our! Aquarium is already set up, then I would compare the Material Data sheets of the glass of their it! A cement coating and wait for it dap silicone aquarium safe seal with GE silicone on. Get carried away with prep work old days, they used to seal an.... Just wondering what a reseal be okay sure how your tank, you would get very sick silicone adhesives the! Advertising waterproof silicone the packaging item on Amazon the ideal one for people make! No wrong with that for clear coat, you could do much than... With any of the bath, let ’ s still early days on the silicone in black, then is! Make it right the same brand that many aquarium builders that sell the. Further advice as I have a 40 long glass tank braceless using GE 100 % silicone that I m! Info would be fish safe Underwater clear black 10.2 oz new there was a fairly clean,... To pages you are dap silicone aquarium safe or resealing an aquarium at all completely honest with you here, I would the! That resists mildew rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don t... But no way to buy it building glass tanks before deciding to see what people! You will apply silicone be weaker but that seemed to be safe research and this. Death tank products be confident that the silicone used is going on 7 and! S Red Devil 078060 StormGuard 920 100 % silicone product that is FDA approved without issues. Example GE silicone can be found almost anywhere from Amazon to your fish typically use black of... That seemed to be a little deeper, I have no experience with them - tap is working -. Still not food grade then I would go with any of the list found almost from! Then grab the Momentive RTV103 think, but it sealed the leak is should I try to find momentum just. Giving advice on specific tank builds of 100 gallons or more used dozens of different products under silicone.