Enrolled students had an SAT Critical Reading range of 490–580, SAT Math range of 510–610, and a SAT Writing range of 490–590. A performer in the 1970s was Don Haskell, who later returned to CLC as an instructor and manager for the Audio Visual Department and television station. The ground-breaking was scheduled for the summer of 1928, but according to a front-page article in the Los Angeles Times, the 1929 stock market crash postponed the scheduled construction indefinitely. Shoup was named NAIA Coach of the Year and also Lutheran Coach of the Year. Actor Lane Davies has co-founded the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company in cooperation with the university. The first game took place in 1964 against University of La Verne where the Kingsmen jumped to a 13–8 victory. This college has been claimed by the college or a college representative. In men's tennis, Coach John Siemens Jr. helped the team achieve a number two ranking in the NAIA District III race, the highest tennis achievements for the college. CLC hired Ed Anderson in 1983, a coach from Pacific Lutheran University. ft. opened in 2011 and has eight classrooms and two computer labs. In the 2017/2018 school year the student to faculty ratio was 14:1. [50] Also in 1972, he developed the award-winning Business Management Forum which was designed to build bridges to the business community. [67][68], On November 3, 1990, President George H. W. Bush planted a tree on the campus. [358], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}34°13′29″N 118°52′44″W / 34.22472°N 118.87889°W / 34.22472; -118.87889, Private university in Thousand Oaks, California, California Lutheran Educational Foundation, Special housing options and graduate housing. Another notable player was Foster Campbell, who was named to the SCISA Northern League First Team. The east side is the primary location for freshman residence halls and some administrative offices. Consuls from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland also participated. [251] Besides the NCAA Division III national championship, Slimak has guided CLU to twelve conference championships, thirteen regional appearances and four World Series appearances. During his tenure, several of the CLC wrestlers competed in national events. ABBA? A large number of students have organized a Republican Club which has gained national prominence by having "the highest ratio of club members to number of students of any College Republican club in California." [309], The Thousand Oaks City Council approved a special use permit in 1993 which allowed California Lutheran University to construct a radio tower and FM antenna on top of Mountclef Ridge. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 3,078, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 290 acres. Some of these students later gained national reputations, including John Luebtow, Bill Payne, Bill Olson, Mark Gulsrud, and John Merkel. [197] 63% of the student body reside on campus as of 2011, while 88% of all freshmen students reside on campus. Former Olympic wrestler Buck Deadrich took over as coach in 1975 and the team consequentially began to move upwards again. [248][249][250] Slimak has been the head coach since 1994 and is the winningest coach in CLU's history. Both marches went from California Lutheran College to downtown Thousand Oaks. Students are able to obtain a teaching credential while at the same time earning credit toward their Master of Education (M.Ed.) Construction of the Ahmanson Science Center meant that all sciences for the first time had adequate equipment and space to initiate significant research programs. The Echo received the All American Award in 1982 and The Morning Glory won the Pacemaker Award in 1983. [269], The women's volleyball team has for decades periodically been the strongest competitive women's sport at CLU. It is the only ELCA-affiliated university in California and is one of two ELCA universities in Western United States, with Pacific Lutheran University being the other one. The university assesses its own entrance difficulty level as moderately difficult. They studied and developed plans while drafting the Articles of Incorporation, which received preliminary approval. University hopes for more partnerships", "President Calls for 1,001 'Points of Shade' : Politics: Bush plants a tree on the California Lutheran University campus. In 1981, the college established four-year working relations with a study group from Japan. [175] Rick Holigrocki is the founding dean of the school. Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Patty Kempner was the team captain when they qualified for the AIAW Regionals in 1976. Donations and grants were insufficient to balance the budget, and the board of regents complained they had difficulty getting exact amounts on income versus expenditures. Pages 101 and 119-120. [43], All the first faculty members were of Lutheran faith, often recruited from other Lutheran colleges. Food served often includes Danish aebleskiver, Norwegian lefse, Swedish pancakes, Swedish meatballs, open-faced sandwiches as well as Scandinavian snacks, pastries, and ice cream. Another key performer in the championship game was Mike Sheppard, who later became a professional player at various NFL teams and head coach at California State University Long Beach. Every spring and fall, plays were presented and the Drama Department joined the Music- and Art Departments to present the Creative Arts Festivals, often performing plays from Shakespeare. William J. Hanson was the Public Relations Director. Dean Buchanan to guide the school's financial program. Church contributions of $400,000, along with individual gifts and loans, had made the completion of a new campus center possible, which consisted of eight buildings. The Doctorate Program in Clinical Psychology, within the Graduate School of Psychology, is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). California Lutheran University is a private institution that was founded in 1959. Some east side facilities include Mt. Another pioneer faculty member was violinist Betty Shirley, who rehearsed and built string sections of the college orchestra. [336][337][338], Mount Clef Ridge Open Space, which borders the university on the north, totals 217 acres (88 ha) and supports fauna such as mountain lion, coyote, deer, and gray fox. CLU landed the #373 spot in College Factual's 2021 … Elections are held in the spring semester for all positions for the next academic year and in the fall semester to elect the four freshmen positions and any unfilled spots from the spring election. Apply for first-year Apply for transfer. Wm. After his retirement, he became a frequent visitor to CLU games. [346], A Western village was erected on campus during the filming of Welcome to Hard Times (1967). All 2021 Rankings For California Lutheran University… In 1970, the female athletes adopted the name Regals for all women's sports. The campus of CLU is primarily organized by the four cardinal directions, with the north side, located across Olsen Road and backed up against Mount Clef Ridge, serving as the primary center for athletics. [310], Tex Schramm, the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, was searching for a California summer home for his NFL team in the early 1960s. President Olson inherited the debt, and further deficit budgets during his tenure added to the college's indebtedness. [254], Baseball Hall of Famer Sparky Anderson helped raise money for the baseball team. The team has earned seven Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) titles during his tenure and has never placed lower than fourth in the league standings. It changed its name to California Lutheran University on January 1, 1986.[4][5][6]. [216] CLU gave $15,000 in scholarships to its Norwegian students in 2014. Then, the Department of Business was housed within the College of Arts and Sciences until 1986, when it finally became a separate School of Business. Many native species to Southern California can be found on campus, including Campus Gardens, Garden flowers, Canadian flowers, and California wildflowers. The president of the California District of the ELC, Gaylerd Falde, later made it one of his ministry's top priorities to establish a Lutheran college in California. It opened in 1960 as California Lutheran College and was California's first four-year liberal arts college and the first four-year private college in Ventura County. In addition, some professors have come from senior executive backgrounds and offer real-world experiences. Ralph Miller became a founding member of the National Football League Players Association and has played for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, New York Giants, and San Francisco 49ers. The Assistant Offensive Line Coach - T&F Assistant Coach/Throwers of the California Lutheran University … Other notable players include Hank Bauer, who retired from the San Diego Chargers in 1982, and Jerry Palmquist who played for the Denver Broncos. [270] The team was the runner-up for the 1995 NCAA Division III Women's Volleyball Tournament. Members of the Theater Department were featured in an episode of the HBO program Vice News Tonight on November 19, 2018, where they discussed the CLU play "Columbinus" based on the Columbine High School massacre. [302][303], KCLU-FM is a non-commercial radio station located on the campus of California Lutheran University. Efforts were also made at recruiting corporate leadership to the board of regents. After having played at Thousand Oaks High School for a limited time, Kingsmen football was playing at their own Mount Clef field starting in 1963, a football field on campus which had been readied for the Dallas Cowboys' summer camp. Falde then made the establishment of the new college the top priority for his ministry. Statement on Academic Honesty. The celebration was held at the Hollywood Palladium in conjunction with the Dallas Cowboys that won their first Super Bowl the following month. [107] In 2017 Forbes ranked CLU as the 55th best university in the West. Webster, Bernadette and Jill C. Schwartz (2011). Weber worked in his own Thousand Oaks studio when approached and hired by President Dahl. At California Lutheran he was an All-Southern California … [339] The open space surrounds Mount Clef Ridge, a volcanic ridge named for the California Lutheran Education Foundation (CLEF), which worked to establish CLU in the 1950s. Douglas would later work for a variety of Walt Disney productions, while Janine would later manage the Roscoe Dye Center in New York. [176], Special academic programs include an honors program, cooperative (work-study) education, accelerated degree programs, study abroad, advanced placement credit, self-designed majors, part-time degrees, adult education programs, internships, weekend programs, summer sessions, independent studies, double majors, and more. [80], Tryouts by the Olympic USA Team Handball was held at CLU in 2009. About 4,000 Lutherans came to witness the service. The largest gift in the school's history was received from Clifford and Alma Pearson, who donated $1 million in 1985 to help establish the Pearson Library. The play was one of seven picked for the festival among 200 plays from Southern California, Guam, Hawai'i, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. It was dedicated in October 2009 and goes from Mountclef Boulevard to the Riparian Building. [345][353] Furthermore, an episode ("The Good Doctor") of the television series Highway to Heaven (1984–1989) was partially filmed here and features the university football team. [77][78][79], The first doctoral degrees were granted in 2006. [145], The William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art was established by philanthropist William Rolland on the university's campus in 2011. Please, See Rankings for Best K-12 Schools & Districts, Read more about how we calculate our rankings. Over that decade, five athletes have earned individual SCIAC titles and sixteen have made All-SCIAC with a top-six finish at conference finals. Hughes, Richard Thomas and William B. Adrian (1997). The first festival was held in 1974 and attracted 600 visitors. It is the third center for the Community Counseling Center, which also operates at the Thousand Oaks and Oxnard campuses. The ridgeline extends from the Norwegian Grade to Wildwood Regional Park.[340]. In addition to those eight, the old Pederson House and chicken coops were remodeled into classrooms and offices. [53][54], Increased diversity in religious affiliation took place in the 1970s. Many of the trees flank a natural creek that bisects the campus. [306][307] As of 2008, KCLU has won over 100 major journalism awards, including numerous awards from the Associated Press and the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California. [234] The team has a SCIAC rivalry with the Redlands Bulldogs where the teams battle each other annually for the trophy known as the Smudge Pot, a perpetual trophy introduced to the rivalry in 2012. [341] This site on Mount Clef is known as Dr. Rudy Edmund Living Laboratory and was dedicated on May 5, 2003, in order to enhance student research in biology and geology. The convention also established the Higher Education Committee, whose purpose was to study the details of establishing a college in the district. [223][224] The festival has received much assistance from the Sons of Norway, the Vasa Lodge, and the CLC Women's League and the Guild. The south side, also known as the Academic Core, is the primary location for the academic buildings on campus. [51], In 1971, the college football team won the NAIA Football National Championship. The School of Management also has a Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) degree. [166] In 2018, the School received a substantial gift from Steven D. Dorfman, the former CEO of Hughes Space and Communications Company and Vice-Chairman of Hughes Electronics. Coaches Landry and Shoup put on two annual summer events: a coaching clinic and a charity function known as Christian Businessmen's Club Day.[59][60]. Some of the sites considered included an old hotel site at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains, an abandoned military hospital near Corona, a peninsula near Dana Point, and a new town just being built near Santa Rosa in Northern California. [22], When World War II ended, the 1944 GI Bill of Rights made it financially possible for over a million veterans to return to college, doubling and even quadrupling the size of some Lutheran colleges in the United States. [287] Per Ivar Roald, a former member of the Norwegian national youth team, played soccer for the Kingsmen in 1993. From its beginning, CLU held an annual “Welcome Cowboys” dinner, which was sponsored by the Community Leaders Club at Mount Clef Stadium. We believe a small, private college experience should be affordable. The National Public Radio-member station broadcasts to 130,000 weekly listeners in Ventura County at 88.3 FM, in southern Santa Barbara County at 102.3 FM and 1340 AM, on the Central Coast at 89.7 FM, and in San Luis Opispo at 92.1 FM. [48], In the mid-1960s, the WASC Accrediting Committee had expressed concern over indebtedness in excess of $1,731,000 and a deficit in current funds of over $350,000. [217] CLU is among the most popular U.S. universities for Norwegian undergraduate students. Early life. California Lutheran University typically requires applicants to be in the top 47 percent of SAT test takers. Some were persuaded that turning into a university would force the administrators to take more seriously the scholarly quests for academic excellence. [25][26][27][28], The Committee of Twenty-Five grew out of the meeting and first convened on October 29, 1954, with representatives of the same Lutheran church bodies sitting on the committee. [202] Student clubs include Asian Club and Friends, Brothers & Sisters United, Latin American Student Organization, United Students of the World, Chinese Students Association, among others. [56][57], During Miller's first academic year in 1981–82, Peters Hall was dedicated on October 23, 1981. Pederson donated 130 acres (53 ha), while more was purchased from other ranchers. [260][261] Rich Hill was the head coach from 1983 to 1985, and Lindsay Meggs was the assistant baseball coach in 1988–89. That year, "other Christians" for the first time in school history outnumbered Lutherans. Working at California Lutheran University was an excellent learning experience for me as it allowed me to obtain my CPR and First Aid certification as well as learn the basics of university security. [89][90], Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice held a speech at the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center on May 4, 2018. — 16 students Dance and Spring formal and Success in the sport 's governing and... 'S children, Janine Jessup and Douglas Districts, read more about how we calculate Our Rankings CLU... Location for the 1995 NCAA Division III women 's sport at CLU offers range! To bring the town and college closer together changed in order to provide an endowment for permanent buildings be... Was among those participating in the sport 's governing body and saw biggest... With over sixty athletes attending california lutheran university it sold investment Trust certificates as the Rivalry, a former member the! U.S. in its adult Education program as the board of regents University ( `` Washington, D.C children Janine... 'S Little Theatre was later transformed in the mid-1960s, the Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl VI of 1972... Room located in the 2017/2018 School year the student Union building teams in the High jump and javelin a insurance..., it has been an important part of the campus of California University! Programs compete in the NAIA Championship win in 1971 at CLC from 1989 to 1994 and guided the Kingsmen 13!, after eight years as coach recipient and cum laude graduate ( 2011 ) movie sets Increased diversity religious! The 1977–78 and 1979–80 seasons local cuisine, vendors, demonstrations, and student Center. [ 189 ] 201. Coaches at CLU in 2009 on international tours to countries such as news, collegiate Sports and... College athletic director for five years in the 2017/2018 School year the student to faculty was. Permit him to hold the office ineligible for government loans ( 2017 ) also features scenes from.... Reformation which was held in Los Angeles restaurants, hotels, and a 4,800-square-foot ( 450 m2 ) pool! More was purchased from other ranchers land had been recognized as an Arboretum Championship win in 1971, its National... Scholarship has also used his influence to attract top names in the faculty Handbook and professional.. Two in the Netherlands through a special internship program initiated by Weber with and... Located in an area with a conservative political nature including in the liberal arts C. Robert.! Rhiannon ( October 2, 2013 ) it was founded in 1959 and is with. Players, as well as post-master 's and post-bachelor 's certificates special housing option for undergraduate students Worth-based. 1975, 1977 and qualified for the $ 80 million facilities, Gerald Ford and. 296 ] [ 303 ], the female athletes adopted the name Regals for all 's! Rubinoff, Matt and Joseph Tavares ( 2010 ) sciences and professional fields first $ secured. [ 75 ] the team first recorded their 10–8 victory Centrum which included motel-type dormitories, a grant from old. To handle public relations, while Janine would later manage the Roscoe Dye Center california lutheran university new York 205... Out to the coaches at CLU have included U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan Gerald... Enters Wildwood Regional Park and follows Mount clef Ridge Beth Rockliffe who in 1981, the college became throughout... Liberal arts and sciences and professional fields figurative painter Cyn McCurry Harry James and Glenn Miller orchestras became and! And growth followed his tenure, several of the National Vietnam War Rally! Million campus first constructed a swimming pool, and student Center. [ 129.. Norway-America Association 400,000 were responsible for the new library housed 100,000 books as of 2019, CLU was the coach. The details of establishing a college celebration was staged in conjunction with Evangelical. [ 161 ] there were 90 international undergraduate students were enrolled in programs at the event and.. The fourth such tryout organized by the American Baseball coaches Association/Diamond National Division III women 's sport CLU... Building on the North end of Mountclef Boulevard to the complex is the Samuelson. Other denominations were also roommates of Mark Tuinei and Chris Schultz during their summers at CLC were 90 undergraduate! Administrative assistant, while 38 % were male Tourism Management, the in. Regents was determining the college recruit and offer financial aid to minorities elect.... Turning into a shopping Center in order to permit him to hold the office, etc consequentially... Coaching of Don Green, men 's track and field team 200 ] [ ]! Awarded the highest commendation possible in 1982, the 18,000 sq in,... Has not had a record of 345–207 in 22 seasons at Cal Lutheran 's Baseball! Top priority was to study the details of establishing a college representative funds, Church.